Exercises for the Wheelchair Bound

Exercise is important for everyone, regardless of your level of physical ability. It is even more important for wheelchair users because they use certain muscles more than other people do. In order for wheelchair users to exercise comfortably, they have to use comfortable and high quality wheelchairs. Exercising in poor quality wheelchairs could do more harm than good. The users are likely to suffer injuries and extreme discomfort as they exercise. For this reason therefore, you should consider buying our superior quality wheelchairs as they provide for a great exercising experience.



Why Should Wheelchair Users Exercise?

1. To Stay Fit
Wheelchair users need to stay fit just as much as other people do. Unfitness, even for wheelchair users, can be fatal. There are certain lifestyle diseases that are associated with being unfit and overweight, and they pose a huge health risk to everyone. Some of these diseases include diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. In order to keep these diseases at bay, it is exceedingly important for people to exercise.

2. To strengthen Muscles
Pushing a wheelchair around strains certain muscles. These include chest and shoulder muscles. The extra pressure exerted on these muscles tightens them, making them susceptible to injury. At the same time, back muscles are not used as much as they should, and they become weak. It is therefore important for wheelchair users to carry out muscle strengthening exercise.

Types of Wheelchair Exercises

1. Cardio Exercises
Cardio exercises are meant to increase your heart rate. They contribute largely to staying fit. There are a number of simple cardio exercises that you can perform even on a wheelchair. These include dives, punches, side arm rises and chest arm expansions. The more you carry out these exercises, the fitter you will become.

2. Muscle Strengthening Exercises
These wheelchair exercises help to improve the strength of your muscles, particularly chest, shoulder and back muscles. You could try lifting weights that are made specifically for wheelchair users. You could also use resistance bands to help strengthen your muscles.

3. Sports
Another form of wheelchair exercise includes sports such as basketball and badminton. These help to build your muscles while at the same time helping you stay fit. You could try participating in para- sport activities in your neighborhood in order to exercise properly.

Wheelchair users need exercise just as much as other people do. Luckily, there are a number of physical activities that they can carry out in order to stay fit. Try some of the activities suggested above to find an exercise routine that suits you. Don’t forget to use good quality wheelchairs in order to have a great experience.