Mobility Scooter Safety 101

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After purchasing the right scooter, you need to know how to be safe and secure with the scooter. The user should carefully read the manual and guidelines on how to operate and basically take care of a scooter. One should obey all pedestrian rules while operating a scooter on the pavement.

This is to prevent any accidents that may harm the user and people around. It is important to test yourself and make sure you are conversant with how to properly operate the scooter. There are major rules everyone operating a scooter must always have on their fingertips.

  1. Always Make Sure You Can Be Seen

Assuming that everyone can see you is not a great option. Always make sure that everyone can see you to avoid bumping into people. This can be made available by using a safety flag. Make sure it is above your head and at the front or back of the scooter for everyone to see. You can also opt for a fluorescent vest with a bright color. Reflector jackets are also a great idea as they reflect light and make you visible.

  1. Obey All Rules

It is not obvious that cars will give the right of way to you as you operate the scooter. It is therefore better for the user to understand all road safety rules. Cross the road only at the pedestrians crossing to avoid any accidents. Drive your scooter straight at the pavement and ramp. Avoid fast speeds especially if you are near the roadway.

  1. Wear Necessary Gear

After serious scooter accidents, most victims are reported to have head trauma. It is important to protect your head using a helmet. This is mostly when you are using the scooter on the streets and roadways. You can also get gear to protect your kneecaps and elbows. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Maintain Your Scooter Regularly

Ensure you conduct regular maintenance on your scooter aids in preventing mechanical failure. It is also advisable to have a professional check out if the scooter is in great condition. Make sure the electrical system is running properly and for electric scooters, the battery is fully charged before operating it.

It is important to always consider your safety and the safety of people around you. A scooter is meant to aid in your mobility and make your life better. The best way to do this is understand how your scooter works, avoid high speeds and follow the above safety measures.





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