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It has been quite some time since walkers and rollators are being used by individuals across the globe. They are known to provide people with a bit of additional support while moving around. However, folks often tend to get confused when it comes to the difference between a regular walker and a rollator. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have thrown some light on the significant differences between these two.

Perhaps the most noteworthy difference between them is that more support and balance is offered by the standard walker while you are walking. In fact, you can expect more support from a walker as compared to a rollator.

One more notable difference is that we usually make use of a walker indoors. They are meant to aid you while getting in and out of a bed or a chair or even while you are walking inside your residence. On the other hand, a rollator walker is intended for those who would like to support a major portion of their body weight on their legs and would like the rollator to provide them with light balance support only when needed. Rollators will aid you in moving faster and you can also push them easily in front of you while walking. We generally use rollators both indoors as well as outdoors. Moreover, they come with hand brakes that enable us to stop or slow down anytime we want.

A walker usually comes with 4 legs and it is imperative to keep them in contact with the ground while strolling which helps to provide the user with optimum stability. You won’t come across any wheels in a regular walker, whereas, a rollator walker includes as many as 4 wheels in addition to a brake. Individuals who lack sufficient strength in their arms will find these rollators to be more useful as compared to a standard walker since there is no need to lift them for moving them forward. In fact, rollator walkers are faster and more navigable thanks to the presence of the swivel wheels.

One major drawback of the regular walker is that there is an absence of any seat for the users to sit down and take rest after getting exhausted following a long walk. On the contrary, all rollator walkers feature a seat for the users with the exception of only the 3 wheel version which is mainly used for those patients who don’t require any seat but still need the big wheels for rolling outdoors easily.




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