Scooters: Things To Consider Prior To Purchase

Scooters for seniors allow the elderly to perform their daily tasks normally especially if they can no longer drive. Seniors can go shopping, attend doctor’s appointments, travel and go to recreation centers with the aid of a scooter. They are battery powered and can be charged when not in use. Seniors who do not prefer wheelchairs, or who hate the stigma that might sometimes come with use of a wheelchair fancy it to use scooters.

Scooters are operated with a steering tiller that controls how fast the scooter goes, and to which direction. It is however important to know consider several factors before purchasing a scooter to prevent future irregularities and difficulty, especially if you are a first-buyer.




  1. Maneuverability of the Scooter

If you plan on using your scooter indoors, or within a building like a supermarket, it is best to purchase a scooter with a tight turning radius. It should have an efficient turning capability. Three-wheeled scooters have the tightest turning radius and will fit your daily indoor tasks. If you however want to use the scooter on rough surfaces, consider a four-wheeled scooter that has more balance and support.

  1. Weight of the senior

Weight is a really essential factor to consider before buying a scooter. This is because different mobility scooters have different maximum weight capacity. It is therefore important to select one that suits you and can easily support you to avoid damage to the scooter, and most importantly physical hurt to you.

  1. Storage of the Scooter

Depending on whether you carry out a lot of outdoor errands, the scooter you purchase should be easy to store. If you will regularly be travelling with the scooter, avoid heavy versions. Travel scooters are much lighter and fold-able. Some can also be split into parts and can be stored in the car trunk. Do not go for the larger mobility scooters if you will often need to store the scooter. When not in use, always store your scooter safely and securely if you can’t store it in your home.

  1. Individual Needs

Your individual needs include back and arm rest. If you have a physical condition that requires optimum rest, purchase a scooter with back support. Seniors who regularly pull up to work-spaces like desks and tables require scooters with sufficient arm rest for support when transferring into and out of the scooter.

After deciding the right mobility aid product, choosing the right mobility scooter is always a hectic step. Putting into consideration the above factors, you will have the right scooter that will not leave room for failure.


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