Understanding the Different Types of Walking Canes

The mere fact that there are now a handful of different kinds of walking canes available is a good testament to how efficient and perennial these assistive sticks are. Don’t let their seemingly simple appearance fool you, as a good cane would always be able to provide that much-needed support to help you balance and walk properly. It also takes a significant load off of an injured leg you may have, allowing it to heal optimally and safely.




Types of Walking Canes

  • The C Neck or Crook Neck Cane

This is the most well-known type of cane and the simplest of the lot. It is characterized by its curved handle, which undoubtedly lends to its aesthetics as well. It is also often made of wood and is only recommended for those who only need minimal assistance in balance and support when standing or walking.

  • Functional Grip Cane

It bears some features that are similar to a crook neck cane. However, it is readily set apart by its unique functional grip, which is straight rather than curved. It’s named as such because it is able to help its user grip it better and more firmly. It’s also for this reason why it is able to offer better all-around control and support to its user. This is perfect for those who can’t get the support that they need from an average c cane.

  • Quad Cane

This type of cane stands out from its counterparts because it is specifically designed with mobility in mind. Most of it hinges on the greater stability that it has. It would be able to assist even those who have a significant injury or weakness to walk without much difficulty and even climb stairs minus the usual exertion involved.

Quad canes can be further subcategorized into wide and narrow varieties. The latter shines more support- and stability-wise, but it is noticeably heavier than a narrow quad cane, which simply has the benefit of being easier to lift with every step you take. Quad canes are usually prescribed to patients with conditions that affect their limbs like paresis or hemiplegia.

  • Hemi Walker

A hybrid quad cane and walker, hemi walkers are the largest kinds of walking canes and are the ones that could offer the most support. If it happens that one of your arms has zero dexterity or you are currently recovering from a stroke, then hemi walkers would undoubtedly be recommended to you. It could also be a good replacement to walkers if you are already regaining your strength or recovering well from an injury. It’s not limited to flat ground alone as it also performs well in stairs.


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