What You Need to Know About Wheelchair Ramps

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Wheelchair ramps are an inclined platform or plane, which enable wheelchair users to access a house or building easily. They are often constructed as an addition to the stairs. These ramps are also used by people who have difficulty climbing the stairs, who are not necessarily handicapped. For instance, people who are pushing carts, baby strollers or other wheeled objects. There are different types of wheelchair ramps. They are often according to the use, purpose, and place of use.

Basically, wheelchair ramps can be permanent, semi-permanent and portable. Permanent wheelchair ramps are usually installed, cemented or bolted in place. Semi-permanent ramps are rested on surfaces, grounds, cement pads. They are obviously used for a short period or term. Portable wheelchair ramps, however, are practically mobile and lightweight. They are customarily made of aluminum and can be folded for no-hassle transport.

Wheelchair ramps are made from a various materials. Aluminum is the most widely-used material for ramps since it is durable and lightweight. Aluminum wheelchair ramps often come as portable and fold-able ramps used for loading items onto vans, boats, and commercial airplanes. Galvanized steel wheelchair ramps are the obvious choice for transporting the large and heavy items produced by vehicle assembly lines. For sidewalk wheelchair ramps, cement is the material of choice due to its sturdy and non-slippery properties.

Cement wheelchair ramps are often installed in public places so that people with leg injuries can easily traverse multi-leveled surfaces. Often, grocery stores have ramps cemented to the ground for the ease of transporting groceries. Cement wheelchair ramps also work hand-in-hand with mechanical ramps in the transportation of grocery items. Mechanical ramps come in the form of straightened escalators as they transport people and items from one point to another. With all the different types of wheelchair ramps available, carrying and loading materials should be too hard. Your convenience is just one shove away.

Before a wheelchair ramp is installed there are several steps to consider in planning for the addition whether you are installing a wheelchair ramp for use at a residence or place of business. It is beneficial that one looks into the laws for specifications on materials and planning requirements. it is also important to only work with professionals when you want to put up a wheelchair rump for your business or residence. This will ensure that you get the right quality and design hence reducing any chance of unnecessary accidents to the user.




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