Wheelchairs: Things To Consider Prior to Purchase

For an individual with an injury or say a health problem which restricts their ability, they can achieve their independence they desire through the use of the right wheelchair. Wheelchairs are constructed for use by people of every age, size and even shape. They are designed such that they comfortably meet the different and diverse interest of its users in their various levels of assistance. In this article, we will look at various factors that one should consider when choosing a wheelchair.




It is important that the right wheelchair is chosen in order to meet the exact needs of its user. This is especially true if the individual, meant to use the wheelchair, is a long-term wheelchair user who will be sitting on the wheelchair for a number of hours in a day. The wheelchair should be very comfortable to accommodate the user and safe to offer the maximum benefit.  In these days of internet, online purchasing has become very common. Where just by the click of a mouse it’s very tempting that one ends up buying an off the shelf wheelchair. There is nothing wrong in buying online wheelchairs but it’s important that a wheelchair user ensure that their wheelchair is personalized to meet their requirements. How is this achieved?

This is best done by a wheelchair technician or by an occupational therapist. Both will put into consideration of height, weight, posture and any other special requirements that the user have. This may include adjusting footplates the height of the seat as well as angle and type of cushion needed. All these factors are very important and must be considered so that the patient’s health and mobility is not deteriorating.

Type of disability is another factor to consider while choosing a wheelchair. For example, if the user suffers a spinal injury, the level and injury type are factors to consider when in the selection process. Another example; if the user has a hand dexterity which prevents him from using the standard push rim’s, in such a case raised push rims shall be required. It is also important to note that some users could also suffer from body spasms which cause one to be unstable and in such a case securing belts or say straps may be required in addition.

We may also have other considerations like weight as well as the design of a wheelchair. What if the chair user may need to go into a car, can it fit easily? Can the wheelchair be rigid framed to offer more stability? Will the user need neck supports fitted or even the armrests?  There is also the need to consider wheelchair accessories which a wheelchair user may need. Users may not be aware that there are accessories that could benefit their situation, such as detachable push handles, cup holders as well as a host of bags and lap trays. All these fitted, they ensure that the wheelchair user’s life is a bit easier and offer greater independence.

Being that selecting a wheelchair is a daunting task, you should seek a professional advisor (i.e., Doctor, Nurse, Physical Therapist, etc.).  Once they point you in the right direction, come shop with us at Amazon.com.  We’ll make sure to give you exactly what you need to make life easier.


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